Overlooking the Dead Sea


Planning a detailed itinerary for your upcoming trip. After an initial intake session, Israel Security Tours staff will propose a custom designed tour which meets your goals and expectations.


For those who already have an agenda of what exactly they want to see, Israel Security Tours is happy to provide expert, Ministry of Tourism licensed tour guides to accompany you as you travel the country.

IDF heli-borne rescue operation

Full Service

Israel Security Tours team members will fully plan and staff your trip to Israel, providing VIP service from arrival to departure. Planning a trip abroad can often be stressful, especially when unfamiliar with local customs, culture and language. Let local staff, familiar with the often bazaar-like culture of the Middle East, take care of all your needs.

“Totally thrilling experience. I don’t think we every truly understood the beauty and complexities of Israel until our tour with Jordan. He had a incredible knack for linking thousands of years of history to the present day in fascinating, thought provoking, and understandable ways. And he’s a lot of fun to be with!”

Joel and Doris
New York, NY