Totally thrilling experience. I don't think we every truly understood the beauty and complexities of Israel until our tour with Jordan.   He had a incredible knack for linking thousands of years of history to the present day in fascinating, thought provoking, and understandable ways.   And he's a lot of fun to be with!

Joel and Doris

New York, NY


My wife and I went to Israel for the first time after thinking about it for several years.  From our first contact with Jordan, we knew this was going to be a well thought out journey. He inquired into our lodging desires, favorite types of foods, points of interest we desired to see and even types of shopping we wanted to experience! 

We chose the full 10 day treatment. Jordan escorted us from the airport to our lodging. As we acclimated to the time change, we spent time locally in Jerusalem and in the Old City. The restaurants that were recommended never ceased to amaze! I never associated Israel with good food, but everything was fresh and delicious.

We travelled throughout the country, examining the borders with Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. We went to museums, historical sites, Biblical sites and the desert. With Jordan as our guide, we always felt safe and never felt taken advantage of by those who make a living from tourists. Israel is a fascinating country and our experience was magnified by the quality of the pre-planning and service we experienced on our journey.

I highly recommend Israel Security Tours.

Marc C.

Ladera Ranch, CA


To appreciate the fullness and complexity of Israel, one should take religious tours, nature tours, hi-tech tours, and certainly a national security tour.  At the Golan tank battle sites, Maj. Jordan Herzberg explains how close Israel came to losing the Yom Kippur War right … there, and he evokes the scene as two brigades staved off a national disaster.  How might Hezbollah try to severely damage Israel in the future?  Anyone can visit the northern border, but it takes a true security expert like Maj. Herzberg to explain the missile threats to national infrastructure and Israeli countermeasures.  After this tour, you will appreciate Israel and her national security all the more.  And after Maj. Herzberg shares his insights, your Middle East conversations back home will be richer and your arguments more convincing.

Andrew Srulevitch

New York, NY