Understanding Israel's Security Situation From The Ground Up

Welcome to Israel Security Tours.  We specialize in tours focusing on security issues facing Israel.  All of our tours are custom designed to meet the needs of our clients.  Whether you are a first time visitor to Israel or a seasoned traveler, allow Israel Security Tours to show you "in the field" the unique security challenges that the State of Israel faces on a daily basis. Examples of just some of our tours include:

  • Lebanon, Syria, Gaza- Visiting the border areas and learning about present and future threats
  • Security Barrier- Traveling along the "fence" and observing first hand its effect
  • Settlements- Understanding their history and impact
  • Jerusalem- Exploring current security challenges
  • Historic Battle Sites- Appreciating today's borders through the lenses of the 1948 Independence War, 1967 Six Day War, and 1973 Yom Kippur War 

We know that Israel has much to offer. In addition to the security aspect of the trip, we will supplement plenty of fun and rewarding attractions en route. Enjoying fresh Mediterranean local cuisine, tastings at boutique wineries, and taking in the amazing scenery at some of Israel’s national parks are just some of the activities that will be added to your journey.